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We are a husband and wife team, located in the Toronto, Canada area, providing database and CRM consulting and support services, as well as website design services. We work both on-site and remotely with local clients and with clients across North America.

What We Do ...

At RealAssist our suite of CRM and database related services includes:

  • Remote CRM and database services for affordable, reliable support.
  • Consulting services ranging from database/CRM design to backup and recovery, review and implementation
  • Database cleansing with a focus on rapid delivery of performance results

What Is Virtual Assistance?

Defined in dictionary terms, Virtual Assistance is providing support and resources over a computer network. Simply put, it is "support-on-demand." Virtual Assistants (also known as "VA's") or Virtual Consultants ("VC's") are qualified business owners who provide you with support and consulting services, virtually, from their own office location, when you need them. You may find that the terms Virtual Assistant and Virtual Consultant are used interchangeably. Think of a VA for ongoing assistance and a VC for one-time and assignments. Whether it is for a one-time project or ongoing help, VA's and VC's provide you with ultimate flexibility and control over when and how you have your work performed. Given the virtual nature of the business, their clientele is not geographically restricted and they can provide support just about anywhere in the world. VA's normally provide assistance to a wide range of clientele which can include high-end executives, self-employed professionals and other small business owners. The services that a Virtual Assistant / Consultant can provide range from basic clerical tasks such as bulk mailing, right on up to high-end web design. Most VA's and VC's will have an area of expertise that they are most experienced or skilled at, however, they usually possess the skill set to engage in a wide scope of projects and assignments.

Who Benefits From The Services Of A Virtual Assistant / Consultant?

Just about anyone can benefit from the services of a Virtual Assistant / Consultant! Organizations that are faced with understaffing issues due to lay-offs or slow economic conditions, yet still need the manpower to complete projects and tasks to meet deadlines use the services of VA's and VC's to help out in uncertain times. Companies trying to alleviate excess workload from their existing staff during peak business seasons are also an excellent example of who needs Virtual Assistance. Also, businesses with limited office space or resources and simply cannot invest in hiring and training a new employee, whether or not it is on a full- or part-time basis can definitely benefit from the remote assistance that a VA provides. The possibilities are endless and infinite!

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